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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 2, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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year. >> let's get over to meteorologist lawrence karnow, tracking the occurrence conditions in the weather center. >> temperatures today the hottest of the week. a heat advisory is up for much of the bay area. in fact, we are going to see many of these temperatures soaring up to the 90s inland. you can see that heat advisory not continuing right toward the coastline but you get the idea, temperatures hotter than we have seen for the better part of the year. not triple digits but definitely 90s a possibility out there by the afternoon and many 80s inside the bay so make sure you check on the kids, pets and elderly. it's going to be unseasonably hot. outside now, a little cool at the coastline. we have some 50s there but some 50s in some of the bay areas and also the valleys. looks like as we head in toward the afternoon though the average temperature is usually in the 60s and also the 70s for this time of year. looks like we are going to be well above that checking in at about 92 degrees in livermore, should be about 90 in san jose. 91 concord.
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these temperatures up to 20 degrees above average. but there are some big changes. looks like we could be headed back to normal. we'll talk more about that coming up. we begin with developing news now. hundreds of homes evacuated and thousands of acres have already burned in fires raging throughout the state. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is following all the fires burning this morning, from our newsroom. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. firefighters are in for another busy day. today's warmer temperatures and high winds in parts of the state could prove to be another challenge for fire crews. this is video of a fire burning in southern california in riverside county. otherwise known as the summit fire in banning. the summit fire is 35% contained. crews were battling 30-mile-per- hour winds yesterday and they are expected to get stronger by this afternoon. one home has already been destroyed. hundreds more are evacuated. and one firefighter has been hurt. now, around here, the early
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fire season is off to a blazing start. we had three major fires in the bay area. the largest is the 125-acre yellow fire. one firefighter has been hurt. this fire badly damaged one home, but the good news is, no other homes are in its way. >> we heard a big crash. my wife heard the explosion. there was an orange glow at the bottom of the hill next to the road. and i called it in. they said get out. >> reporter: the other large fire is the silverado fire in napa valley which burned 75 acres and a barn. >> reporter: full containment is expected later today. the other large fire is the silverado fire in napa valley that burned 75 acres and a barn before fire crews got it under control. right now, cal fire has 65 seasonal firefighters going through training. they started the extra staffing because of the early fire season. by july, cal fire will have 160
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extra firefighters ready to bring their fire-ready manpower to about 410 firefighters. >> thank you. firefighters will still be out monitoring the area for the next couple of days because of all of this warm weather and also the winds. it is 4:33 now. not just bad bolts. there are more problems now with the new bay bridge project. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec reports from treasure island about welding issues. here bee go again, anne, huh? >> reporter: yeah. it makes you wonder whether or not this bridge is going to be able to open on time. it's set to open on labor day weekend but now they are working to fix several welds that have gone bad before the thing even opens. that's on top of the bad bolts that we have been talking about for a couple of months now. the welds in question are at the bottom of the tower of the new bay bridge. they are more than 30 feet long
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attaching the base of the tower to protect the bridge in an earthquake. 20 of the welds are defective. caltrans engineers knew about them. they have been fixing them for months now. meanwhile, they are trying to figure out what to do about the bridge's bad bolts. 33 of these huge bolts broke when they were tightened in march. 192 more bolts of the same size are being checked out and now there's concerns for even more bolts. about 2400 of them of a smaller variety which makes us ask, should they have bought a different kind of both in the first place? >> looking back with hindsight, i think looking at different sorts of fasteners in some of these applications might have made sense. there are other kinds of fasteners that are a little bit sturdier when it comes to this problem. >> reporter: back to the weld issue, the bay bridge spokesman is kind of downplaying the concern there releasing a statement last night saying, we're talking about 20 welds
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out of millions. they say it won't be a safety factor and they don't believe that will delay the bridge opening. but we'll find out more about that because if the welds don't delay the opening, the bolts certainly might. we are going to find out more at the next meeting which is may 8 less than a week from today. live on treasure island, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> thank you. certainly over the bad bolts and now the welds has put fundraising for the big grand opening party on hold over the labor day weekend. the bay bridge alliance has pledged for half of what it needs to throw that two-day party. the alliance says if a solution is found soon, they will start asking for money again but they have clearly got a little work to do. >> a bit. 4:35 right now. let's check the roads with elizabeth. how's it looking so far? >> there's a lot of overnight roadwork outside now. some mornings it's quiet that way and some mornings it's like today. so let's go ahead and show you the bay bridge toll plaza. so far it's looking nice and light heading into san
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francisco. no metering lights so far at 4:35 this morning. so roadwork northbound 101, you can see some crews out there now. this is the golden gate bridge. they have a couple of lanes blocked until 5 a.m. not too much longer. they should be wrapping it up here within the next 20 minutes. otherwise to our maps, we have some ramp closures in the south bay. that ramp northbound 280 to northbound 880 remains shut down again 5:00 this morning. that's the latest word from caltrans and that's when they are expected to reopen. more roadwork coming up northbound 880 close to where our camera is from montague to 237. 237 itself heading towards sunnyvale, that is still moving at top speeds. this is our usual spot we see lanes blocked this time of the morning. this continues until 6 a.m. northbound 680 between south and north mission once again an ongoing project there. various lanes blocked usually a little later we see some slight delays. but westbound 580 through the altamont pass great time to leave tracy towards the livermore valley. things are moving well.
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that's a check of your "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. there are three new arrests in connection with the boston marathon bombings. the three went to college with 19-year-old suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. the fbi says the three recognized their friend when authorities released photos of the bombing suspects. they went to tsarnaev's dorm room and removed a backpack that contained fireworks that had been emptied of their gunpowder and eventually put it in the trash. neighbors of one suspect are surprised. >> this guy born here is american. i know his mother. he is hard worker, single mother, raised by herself. very cool guy, real nice boy. >> suspects could get federal prison time if convicted of conspiring to destroy evidence. and a strange new detail in all of this. the man who was carjacked by the tsarnaev brothers just before that shootout with police says the younger brother only asked one question while
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his older brother made threats. apparently, tsarnaev wanted to know how much he paid for the mercedes suv they were riding in. 4:38 now. an oregon man accused of killing a castro valley woman is expected in court today. cops say jeffrey boyce murdered a woman at a rest stop. friends say the victim was on vacation at the time. police arrested him in greenbrae monday after he carjacked a woman after carjacking somebod else. his mother said he sympathized with the boston bombers and wanted asylum at the russian consulate in san francisco. tens of thousands of people spent may 1 attending rallies in the bay area demanding more rights for immigrants. among the cities where demonstrations were held, oakland, san francisco, and san jose. [ chanting ] this rally at san jose city hall began after an estimated 10,000 people walked three miles from
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the city's east side. organizers urged people to pressure congress into passing immigration reform by writing organizing, meeting and voting. >> you cannot walk away from this place without signing something, without putting your name to a list so you can be contacted because when we need you, we need you now. amen. >> amen! >> the crowd included young people who were brought to the u.s. as infants and now qualify for college financial aid through the california "dream act." may day in seattle was not so peaceful. several dozen protestors began clark with police hours after an immigrant rights march ended. police had to use flash-bang devices and pepper spray on protestors who pelted officers with rocks and bottles. 13 people in all were arrested. the city of richmond plans another inspection today at a property that neighbors say has
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been an eyesore for more than 20 years. [ indiscernible ] is at ohio avenue and carlson boulevard. it is littered with old cars and industrial equipment and other items, as well. the "contra costa times" says the city ordered booze to clean up the mess in a let their calls the conditions hazardous, unsafe and blight -- in a letter that calls the conditions hazardous, you have safe and blighted. >> it's junk in the middle of a residential area. it's like that for a long time. >> "booze" told kpix 5 he was unavailable for an interview but he has said he is the victim of a witch hunt by city council members who disagree with his policies. 4:40 now. some new fees in the sky. the airline that will soon be charging for soda. >> plus, lead in your lipstick. the more you use, the more you absorb. now, a new study reveals how much may be too much. >> stuck in the driver's seat inside a car in tahoe. how a bear cub ended up there and how he got out.
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stuck when the door closed it. it happened o this bay area cub has some explaining to do. it snuck in a car in truckee and got stuck when the door closed behind it. there she is. it happened on st. bernard lane of all places. the bear wasn't happy to be stuck in the car. the cub was so upset, it started beeping the horn. [ beep beep ] >> truckee police arrived before too long and rescued it but as you can see, the car is a bit of a little bear mess. >> you call the insurance guy, i got a bear in the car. >> so mom was teaching the bear how to go get some food? >> and drive too, apparently. >> that would be great. [ laughter ] around the bay area, we have hot temperatures as it looks like the numbers are going to soar at least near
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record temperatures. outside mostly clear, cool at the coastline. temperatures in the 50s inside the bay and the valleys. by this afternoon it's going to be the hottest day of the week, maybe mid-90s inland. we have a heat advisory away from the coast, 80s inside the bay and 70s along the coastline. high pressure building in. it will stay in place here for the next couple of days. and it's going to crank up the temperatures today. hottest one today, then cooling off. near record heat, a couple of spots hitting records this afternoon, not triple digits but still hot enough we haven't seen temperatures like this all year. numbers in the 90s in the central valley. 85 yosemite, 67 lake tahoe. a lot of red on the maps, temperatures in the low 90s into san jose, 91 in morgan hill. should be beautiful in half moon bay at about 75 and about 88 degrees in union city. east bay temperatures triple digits. not going to get there but you will see mid-90s into brentwood. about 94 in pleasanton. 92 in walnut creek.
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and about 90 degrees in napa. inside the bay 86 degrees, that could be a record in oakland. 82 in san francisco. and about 85 degrees in petaluma. next couple of days going to be hot. we'll start to cool down a little tomorrow. and then looks like more cooling a few more clouds come our way on saturday, especially into sunday. back to average and not a bad place to be as we look toward next week. let's check the roads now with elizabeth. >> average is looking good. all right, thank you, lawrence. and outside, show you a live look at the nimitz freeway. this is at 880 oakland coliseum airport-ish area. so as you can see, everything is so far, so good northbound and southbound 880. by the way, the taillights, that's northbound going towards downtown. san mateo bridge traffic westbound 92 a live look just past the toll plaza. flat section of the bridge westbound, 14 minutes is that drive time out of hayward towards foster city. there's a lot of overnight roadwork this morning including across the richmond/san rafael
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bridge. it is eastbound approaching the toll plaza to canal. westbound looks okay. slowing there but not much towards san rafael. this is an ongoing stretch where lanes are blocked usually around this time of the mornings, northbound 680 between north and south mission. they have a couple of lanes blocked and that one will wrap up around 6:00. so it's one of our later running roadworks. westbound 580 through the altamont pass, we like to show you this, one of our first spots to back up especially over 205, tracy and through the livermore valley. but for right now you can beat the rush, 18 minutes. and bart all trains so far on time including all mass transit actually looking pretty good. that's a check of your "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. president obama is heading to mexico today. he is scheduled to meet with the country's new president. they will talk about mexico's improving economy. they will also discuss u.s. immigration reform plans including ideas on better securing the border between the
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two countries. president obama's three-day trip will also include a stop in costa rica. the man accused of sending ricin laced letters to president bush and others will appear in court today. fbi agents arrested 41-year-old man at his tupelo home on saturday. today's court is a preliminary hearing. federal prosecutors are expected to arlington he should remain in jail because he is a danger and he is a flight risk, as well. north korea media announced an american citizen is sentenced to 125 years of hard labor for spying. kenneth bae was arrested in november. north korea provided no details of his alleged crimes in the country. friends say he was working in the country as a tour operator. governor brown and the state corrections department face a deadline today. they have to file plans on how to deal with a court order to further reduce overcrowding in state prison.
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the state's prison population has to be reduced by 10,000 by the end of the year. the governor has been threatened with contempt of court if he does not comply. he has indicated he will appeal to the u.s. supreme court. for the first time in decades, federal court houses in san francisco, oakland and san jose will close for a day each month. this is fallout from washington's budget stalemate. san francisco and san jose courts will close the first friday of each month until september. the oakland branch will close the first monday of the month starting next week. 4:48 now. facebook has its mobile ads to thank for a boost in revenue in the first quarter. it announced its total revenue was up 38% in the first three months of the year surpassing wall street expectations. nearly a third of that came from ads shown to smartphone and tablet users. the company says its net income in the 1st quarter was 9 cents a share. wall street hopes to
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recover from the biggest drop in two weeks. even a promise from the federal reserve to continue stimulating the economy didn't help. the dow lost 138 points yesterday. the nasdaq was down 29 points. frontier airlines will now charge for drinks. the economy customers will pay $1.99 for coffee, soda and juice. also charging for carry oning if you book anywhere other than frontier's site. the fees range from $25 to $100. it's no secret, recently j.c. penney changed. some changes -- >> there you go. j.c. penney is making a public apology to customers about a marketing mess. they told customers that it's ready to listen to what its shoppers want. they recently fired ceo ron johnson who made unpopular changes. trader joe's and whole foods among the retailers being
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sued for selling candy tainted with lead. the lawsuit filed by the state claims the stores are knowingly selling ginger and plum candies without warning labels that are required by law. it's a violation of prop 65 which requires businesses to warn consumers of even the smallest amounts of harmful chemicals. some people buy the lipstick for its color and some buy it for the glitter but nobody for the lead. kpix 5 reporter juliette goodrich about the discovery of the danger lurking on your lips. >> 35 different colors. >> reporter: laurie is like many women. >> i use lipstick and then i'll put gloss over it for a little extra sheer. >> reporter: where lipstick is their lifesaver. or is it? do you wear lipstick? does it surprise you? you're still smiling with this news. >> well, it doesn't surprise me for sure. everything that we're doing these days is bad for us. >> i take it your favorite color is pink? >> yeah. >> reporter: researchers say it's not the color you wear or brand you buy that's a potential health concern. it's how often you use it and
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ingest it. heavy use is considered more than a dozen times a day of lipstick or lip glosses. >> probably use it 20 times a day. >> we definitely need to look at this more seriously. >> reporter: a professor of environmental health sciences at uc-berkeley conducted the study. she says high use could result in overexposure to aluminum, cadmium, manganese, chromium and leading to nervous system toxicity. >> this collects in kidneys leading to kidney failure. cadmium stands out in that context. >> reporter: previous studies found metals in cosmetics but this one measures how much is absorbed into the body. >> it's scary. i don't really i like to. >> you feel like they make things about it all the time and they say things all the time about, oh, this is bad for you now. so i just disregard it. >> reporter: juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> the cal researchers tested lipsticks and lip glosses at a
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group of young asian women in oakland liked to wear in the study. so i don't know. makes you wan to be careful. >> makes me glad i'm a guy. >> that too. 4:52 now. parking meter backlash. the push to stop the spread here in san francisco. >> plus find another place to cool off. why a beach is closing next month. >> a tummy tuck, what a doctor ordered for this budgegy pooch coming your way.
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let's check your pollen report for today. it looks like it will be running in the moderate category. oakland, grass and ash. those temperatures getting hot. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and a bridge check this morning.
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we are just cruising if you are traveling the golden gate. looks like they are wrapping up overnight roadwork right now. bay bridge and san mateo bridge also at the limit. we'll update you on your overnight roadwork in just about 10 minutes. if you are looking for a little relief from the summer heat, better look someplace other than muir beach. the national park service will close the area sometime next month closed to all except hikers. the parking lot and pedestrian access work is the last phase of a project to work on a dune there. two teacher groups are asking the accrediting commission for community junior colleges to remove one of the sanctions issued to city college of san francisco last summer. the commission is expected to decide next month whether ccsf will get its accreditation. new complaint claims the commission should only evaluate the educational program and not the administration and its
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finances. today a board of supervisors committee will consider a new plan to add more parking meters here in san francisco. the municipal transportation agency initially wanted to add about 5,000 meters but has since scaled back that number. we have quite a few already, i think. a pudgy pup in portland, oregon is on the final leg of his weight loss journey. obie the dachshund tipped the scales at 77 pounds last august. but now he weighs 37 pounds. he got a tummy tuck taking off two pounds of loose skin. he will need several weeks to fully recover. he is still losing weight. his owner plans to get him down to 28 pounds. so far, so good though. >> getting there. >> his poor little legs couldn't handle all that weight. >> he must have ate food forever and a day to get that big. good luck to that little guy. coming up, more arrests in
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the boston marathon bombing case. what neighbors are saying now about the latest suspects. >> plus a blazing start to fire season. why firefighters could be in for a long day. >> turns out the drama on the bay bridge doesn't end with bad bolts. now we are talking about defective welds. a live report next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald it's an experience that no one should have to go through. >> high winds and dry conditions, firefighters battling blazes across california. >> and defective welds on the new span of the bay bridge on top of the questionable bolts. is this thing going to open on time? >> clear skies, offshore winds, fire weather could be a
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possibility. temperatures soaring this afternoon. we'll talk about that coming up. >> we have overnight roadwork on the 680. where it's been picked up and where it hasn't. we'll let you know coming up. >> good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. 5:00 now. as you heard off the top it's going to be a scorcher today. it's the first heat advisory of the year. >> let's get right over to meteorologist lawrence karnow tracking the current conditions right in the weather center. it's hot. >> these temperatures going to soar, records falling around the bay area today. no triple digits, but it will be hot enough outside today. a heat advisory going up this afternoon. could see some 80s and some 90s popping up in some of the valleys. so temperatures are well above average for this time of year. cool at the coast, 49 in pacifica, 57 in san francisco, 45 santa rosa. we'll see near record-breaking temperatures, maybe a couple of records fall outside. and then it looks like we'll begin to cal


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